Sartfell Letterbox in for repair

Sartfell letterbox is in for repair.

Slieu Maggle letterbox is back out and fixed

Slieu Maggle letterbox has now been fixed and is back in position, Happy Letterboxing!!

Slieu Ruy, Colden & Slieu Maggle

An evening sunshine presented the opportunity to check out Slieu Maggle, Slieu Ruy & Colden Letterboxes. Slieu Ruy is in good condition but the other two have been taken in briefly to be repaired, hope to get them back out, after being fixing by next week.

Sheepfold, Packhorse Bridge & Beinn-Y-Phott

A visit to Sheepfold, Packhorse Bridge & Beinn-Y-Phott Mines boxes to check them, some repair work but all 3 in this area are there.

Ard Whallin

Ard Whallin Box on the lower slopes of Colden has survived despite the area undergoing deforestation operations and restrictions. 5 years since it's last visit. Care should be taken in the area and pay attention to forestry signage of operations still ongoing.